Business Consulting

Business Consulting   Our clients expect us to share observations, benchmarks and best practices with them as these relate to their business. We do this on a consistent basis, through regular conversations, meetings, and e-mails. We also provide a range of specialty services that they utilize including:

Tax Strategy and Tax Compliance

Tax Strategy and Tax Compliance   Having an effective tax strategy gives our clients peace of mind. Whether we are working with them on federal, state, local, or even international tax issues, they know that we are always seeking the most effective strategy for their circumstances. We also offer business owners and high net worth […]

Accounting and Audit

Accounting and Audit As a business owner you are interested in the traditional accounting, audit, and tax services we offer. But beyond the scope of our capabilities, you need to have real confidence in both the high quality of our work and our expertise in your industry. We believe it is not sufficient for us […]

Film Production Accounting

Film Production Accounting   We provide film production accounting services including application for pre-certification and final applications for film tax credits in all jurisdictions as well as corporate setup and advice.

Business Management for Clients in the Entertainment and Sports Industries

Business Management for Clients in the Entertainment and Sports Industries   We manage the daily financial affairs of our clients in these industries, thus allowing them the freedom to do what they do best. We help them plan for the future through financial analyses, cash flow, tax, insurance and estate planning.

Links to Tax Authorities

Links to Tax Authorities